Duda embraced the energy of the main character in his life by beginning his solo career through The Handful’s album, ‘Sone of Downtown’ in 2017. He exhibited exceptional brilliance in his debut solo effort, Month of Sundays, which was critically acclaimed. It also strengthened his positions as a vocalist and songwriter in the arena of rock music. His progress in the musical realm remains unabated as he released Bodega Flowers in 2022.

“A New York City-based artist and storyteller who sings, plays guitar, and writes great rock and roll songs and shines on his debut full-length album Bodega Flowers, set for release July 29, 2022. “

“If you like excellent rock n’ roll with buckets of passion, melody, and sonic bombast, get you some Duda.”

“Take a simple idea, put your heart and soul into it and then make sure it’s executed with care, attention and passion; sometimes the results can be surprisingly exciting. Month of Sundays has all of those things and more, and its rewards are plain to hear. This may be only rock n’ roll, but I like it.”

Mark discusses life, music, projects, movies and art with cult rock hero and philosopher Gideon Smith.


“Each and every one of the six cuts provides us with real rock music to listen to – not that prefabricated radio top 10 pop fluff we always seem to get…This EP is the most perfect example of a man still in love with his chosen craft.”


“Classy rock ‘n’ roll with a little punk thrown in, what’s not to love?”


“On this disc there’s none better than the Ramones meets New York Dolls ecstasy of “Murder on Delancey” that is one catchy homage to homicide. Sunday never sounded so good.”

“With that obvious love of pure rock n’ roll in his blood, mixed with unusual lyrical content, creating a captivating combination that is also a whole lot of fun.”

“This six track album has such great songs…is very well recorded, performed, and produced.”


“The album begins with the raw, punk-like energy of “Month of Sundays,” as he makes a great first impression with this up-tempo rocker”


“The half dozen tracks are well written and played with the opening “Month of Sundays” getting things underway in fine fettle.”

“Besides being the Real Deal… Mark is Fucking Bass-Ass”

“The album sounds like a celebration…It sounds like they had a lot of fun making it and that is contagious.”

“Duda would shine at full album length and be better off on a larger label. 12 out of 15”

“Für sein neues Album “Month Of Sundays”, erschienen sowohl die Rhythmusabteilung Thommy Price und Kenny Aaronson (Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Billy Idol) als auch der Gitarrist Jimi K. Bones (u. a. Blondie) im Studio, um die Scheibe einzuzimmern.”

“A handful of magic dust to celebrate off-duty pastime for a Big Apple denizen who likes his night on the town.”


“Featuring Thommy Price and Kenny Aaronson (Joan Jett and The Blackhearts), Jimi K. Bones (Blondie), Arno Hecht (The Rolling Stones), Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow), Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys).”


The Hard Rocking … Mark Duda”

“Over his storied career, Duda has collaborated with rock and roll royalty from New York and beyond.”

“Duda seamlessly blends all of the NY flavors he’s soaked up over the years, from Dion to Lou Reed, New York Dolls, The Dead Boys, and beyond, bringing his own signature update to the New York rock and roll sound and continuing to forge the musical identity.”

BODEGA FLOWERS includes eleven brand new original MARK DUDA songs that are sure to make a fan of anyone who loves New York style rock and roll and is looking for something new to add to their rotation!”

“Sons of Downtown features Mark in a duet with Cherie Currie of Runaways fame, and guitar work by rock icon Pat Travers. “

“BODEGA FLOWERS proudly features the legendary rhythm section of Kasim Sulton (bass) and Thommy Price (drums), collaborating here for the first time in 30 years!”

” The brilliant rock musician is opening new doors for the genre with his charismatic creativity”

“A handful of magic dust to celebrate off-duty pastime for a Big Apple denizen who likes his night on the town.”

“Duda’s musical journey from his early days in the rock scene to his successful solo career has firmly established him as a prominent figure in the New York rock and roll scene”

“Duda has delivered electrifying performances that have the captivated audience and influenced them positively”

“Mark Duda’s symphonic journey knew no bounds, and “Bodega Flowers, released in 2022, was the crescendo that resonated across the musical landscape”

“Mark Duda’s discography is a testament to his prolific songwriting and musicianship”

“Duda has had the honor of entering into partnerships with recognized professionals, including the two-time Grammy nominee, Kostadin Kamcev, who worked as the recording and mastering engineer for both his albums ‘Month of Sundays’ and ‘Bodega Flowers.”

“Mark Duda’s remarkable journey through New York’s music scene exemplifies the power of raw talent, dedication, and passion for one’s craft”

“Mark Duda’s impact on the world of music is undeniably profound”


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